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World’s Greatest Car Wash?

Your Ford Escort Wagon is covered in dirt and grime and mud. It’s caked to the surface; the stuff is even packed up tight all among the underbelly of your fine ride. What’s a wagon lover to do?

Well, if your second car happens to be a Liebherr 9800 mining excavator, you simply give your wagon the greatest and fastest car wash of all time. The 9800’s bucket can hold about 11,088 gallons of water, which is enough to stock a 10 by 25 by 6-foot pool and much more than enough needed to wash the dirtiest of cars.    

However, please be warned that you will not be breaking any new ground by washing your Ford Escort Wagon with your Liebherr 9800 mining excavator. The folks who made this video have done it, and, as you can see, ended up with a very clean wagon.