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Mitsubishi Prepares for Pikes Peak with its i-MiEV Evolution

Mitsubishi is headed to the hills to do battle with hill-climbers from around the world. The automaker has announced that it will join the hordes taking on the challenge of the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with pair of hill-eating vehicles.

Both cars are specially-modified electric vehicles, i EV’s. One is not far off a stock i-MiEV Evolution with just some changes made for safety and aerodynamic purposes. However, the second of the pair is loaded with special features and modifications that have resulted in it being more than two feet long and two feet wider than the stock electric vehicle.

Colorado’s Pikes Peak has been a hill-climb racing destination for more than 100 years. The 12.42-mile course as it is currently configured features an elevation gain of 4,700 and 156 turns. The i-MiEV Evolutions will battle five other electric vehicles in its class which accepts both custom-built and production models.

Pikes Peak is located just west of Colorado Springs.  So we can help you get your Colorado Springs auto loan, and then you can drive out there to spectate!